Policies and Procedures

Complaints Policy

Teacher Colette takes all complaints seriously and makes every effort to resolve the matter quickly. 

It may be the case that the provision or clarification of information will resolve the issue.

 The complainant should raise the complaint as soon as possible with Teacher Colette, using the complaints form below.  

I will acknowledge all  complaints within 24 hours, and upon investigation I will provide a response within this time-frame. 

Cancellation Policy

 The cancellation policy goes as follows:

The student, person or subscription purchaser, can cancel the subscription at anytime.

No refunds are given, as this course is subscription based for an unlimited course access, monthly basis usage. 

It would be sad to see you go, however thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed what you had learned so far.

Teacher Colette

Privacy Policy

Any voice notes submitted to Teacher Colette according to the submission requirements in Module 5. 

These voice notes are not owned by SoundVocab, the use of "Vocaroo" usage is to help the pronunciation support from Teacher Colette hearing the submission, and then providing pronunciation feedback. 

Voice Notes is not used, stored or redistributed for any personal use or distribution to a third party by Teacher Colette. 

Teacher Colette is not associated in any way shape or form with "Vocaroo", but the service is used only for the purpose of grading the submission made by the student for module 5. 

I, (Teacher Colette) will not accompany any student personal information or voice notes, upon the student's registering, using or continuing the subscription for the English Language Competency Trial or  Study course edition. 

Where a subscription is used For more information on "Vocaroo", please read their terms and conditions.