The Curriculum Development Results

In Conclusion :

Here is the Learning Curriculum

These are my findings and results that created my curriculum. My students discussed these types of topics unintentionally and fluently in English, and discovered, learned and used our new discussion vocabulary effectively. So this platform is a conversational mentorship learning program to help the advancement of English being a key tool of communication. I really want to help my students learn English in transition, by training in key skills, mentoring for self-esteem and boast my student's confidence as they are journey towards higher education and deciding on their career choices. But overall, the outcome for my students is to for them to be mentally-confident, unique and open-minded with English speaking skills.

Why 6th to 7th Grade

It is fantastic when students can read and write, but understanding English sentence development and structure, is crucial.

Communicative language teaching is my specialism, because my teaching style focuses around this. Ensuring each student brings their views, questions and pre-knowledge, helps me, to help them advance and think about the relationship that English has in their real-life situations and possible scenarios.

So I have designed this teaching and mentoring platform to help children's English speaking level from this stage, as it is important point of change, advancement and transition in their life.

School transitions are sudden relisations of a new environment, new rules, new friends, new hurdles and challenges. Students during this time, are learning how to communicate in English, at a more in depth level. I want them to succeed positively by discovering how to communicate inside and outside of their school environment.

So, Whats the plan?

Teach students English skills that allow them to develop life skills and understand how to endure and discover the world around them.

Student's will develop their reading skills, by consistently encouraging them to read and recognise the value and skills of what they are absorbing.

Provide a broad and balanced curriculum that is challenging, engaging and enjoyable. So that students gain knowledge and use these skills for in their school, society, employment and friendships.

The students will practice discussing topics with others confidently, and build strong peer interaction, whilst learning about different perspectives, in a safe space.

Students Progression

How will I do this?

  • Deliver sessions that support the development of knowledge, social skills and communication.

  • Explicitly teach and implicitly model strategies that support self-regulation.

  • Provide opportunities for students to develop emotional resilience.

  • Actively ensure that pupils are able to verbalise their own outcomes.

  • Deliver quality first teaching.

  • Remove barriers to learning.

  • Progression is mapped so that I use the planning and resources to continually develop students from their starting points

  • Support pupils to overcome their fear of speaking.