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Teaching Experience

Face to Face Experience

(4 years University Experience)

Seven Hills school - ( SEN HLTA )

Outward Academy Newbold -

( SEN HLTA Teacher )

Abbey School – (SEN HLTA)

Woolley Wood School – (SEN HLTA)

Wilsic Hall School – ( SEN HLTA)

Aspire – ( Pupil Referral Unit HLTA)

Eastwood Grange School-

(Positive Behavior Manager)

Whiteways Primary School - HLTA

Woodlands Secondary School - ( SEN HLTA)

Teddies Day School and Nursery -( HLTA)

Woodley School and College - (HLTA)

Heritage Park and Holgate Meadows School -

( Educational, Social, Emotional, Mental Health Mentor)

Talbot Specialist School -(SEN Learning Mentor)

Lowfield Primary School - (HLTA)

Online Teacher Experience

Itutorgroup - Online Teacher (China, Taiwan)

SayABC - Online Teacher (America, China)

Online Kids Academy - Online Teacher (Turkey)

Engoo - Online Teacher (Worldwide)

Cambly - Online Teacher (Worldwide)

Dear visitor,

A very warm welcome to Sound Vocab.

My name is Colette, I am a Native British Teacher who is delighted to support your child on such a vibrant and dynamic website, where I can provide a learning space for your child.

My students benefit from a variety of adventurous sessions based on life phraseology to support their growth in understanding English Vocabulary.

SoundVocab invites children aged 5 – 10, to a diverse environment, which values the uniqueness that each student brings to my learning workshops.

My aim is to put learning at the heart of everything and ensure that your child has regular vocalisation and vocabulary practice, so that they can use these skills to develop into confident bilingual citizens.

Children learn in many different ways and show this through their impeccable learning behavior and willingness to being ambitious, whilst discovering their responsibility and leadership aspects within themselves for their future aspirations.

SoundVocab values Achievement, Assertiveness and Adventure. These are my core standards that I use, when engaging with my students.

My A+A+A program is what I believe is a learning support for children, because it drives motivation towards their journey to understand, use and be confident on their achieving path.

Together with an open and active parent - teacher partnership (working with parents), we can encourage the children to achieve to the best of their ability, bring creation to their learning, and learn to be responsible for their work. Which includes having an exciting, safe and memorable learning journey at SoundVocab.

The evolution of my platform is focused on developing fluency of knowledge, and skill building discussions that enables my students to use their imagination and apply their understanding to key learning,that will help them to progress in the world.