Dear visitor,

Welcome to SoundVocab, my name is Colette and I am your Native British English Learning Mentor.

My previous experience before studying my BA Honors in Education;(Supporting Teaching and Learning) was in the field of Care Management (Supported Living Services).

I successfully became a senior support worker with positive behavioral responsibilities in South Hill. Then I completed my Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training, and then became a Deputy Manager at Uxbridge Road.

During this experience I wanted to know, how people end up in care. I began this journey, by researching various pathways which lead me into a new role, as a teaching assistant in a special educational needs school, and I loved it!

Going to University had always been a goal that I wanted to achieve, and so I studied a fantastic 4 year university study with diverse practical classroom experiences in different schools. (listed below my profile picture).

During my second year of university I was asked to apply for a Positive Behavior Manager role at Eastwood Grange. Where I helped children with complex needs, understand the importance of learning, whilst supporting them back into the education environment with an open-mind.

By helping them to strengthen their goals, and support them with their career choices. The mentorship in Educating worked, and they flourished, and applied learnt techniques for controlling their emotions and stress.

The main counselling topics that were discussed was mostly about the psychological effects of bullying and low self-esteem. This particular school had violent outbreaks amongst the boys, so I became qualified in secure holds when violence erupted. However, this allowed me observe and see the deeper destructive anger in children for feeling vulnerable, and upset about their fear of failure.

These students were diagnosed with:

Social, emotional and mental health needs (SEMH), Attachment Disorders, Trauma, Anxiety, Bi-polar, Aspergers, Schizophrenia, Suicidal Behaviors, High functioning Autistic Spectrum disorder (ASD), Pathological demand avoidance (PDA), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and others alike.

I became more advanced in teenage early warning signs of 'help', which was the similar to signs that my care tenants had displayed later on in their life.

Attention to detail has helped me, effectively intervene quickly, re-focus and skill build my students in a positive approach towards themselves and be able to use English to express their thoughts.

Teaching English online helped me to intervene quickly to understand my students needs in terms of studying with self control when under pressure. I have seen moods change, behaviors calm and I observe students advancing for future tests, exams, due to me being a listening ear, and guidance help.

When teaching online, I had found that many of my students have unique experiences of understanding when it comes to learning English, which adds pressure. So I decided to provide a service that merges conversation and mentorship together which is detailed more on my Curriculum Page.