You have lot's of questions about English.

It is hard to learn a language that is different from your own language in grammar, structure and meaning. However, what is important is to learn, understand and explain the difficulties and differences about English and openly create an understanding and exploration that starts with your thoughts, ideas and questions. It will help you connect with English on a cultural level, as It is so important to understand the culture and explain the concerns of my students based on them. I also want to learn and support your culture as a whole, through being the role model for clear understanding and success in your learning journey. Your learning journey helps me to teach and support cognitively and help you move forward in effective usage of the English language for your future.

You deserve it!

Friendship? Bullying? Trying to fit in?

In such situations we know that something is going on and yet managing it, is so difficult. This can also cause a hindrance to learning, because it is always on the mind and becomes a focused point. That often is hard to keep in, using English to release these feelings in conversation is a good way, to use and learn diversity in expressing vocabulary. As a mentor that understands, and turns the negative into a positive, low-self esteem can disappear quickly when new thinking is created and applied to making learning more fun.

Interacting and discussing things openly in English, can help you learn and adapt to your learning style and manage different approaches when the pressures of school, home and self life becomes difficult to manage and keep in order.

Watching You Grow!

It is such a blessing and honor to watch my students grown in confidence, whilst encouraging them to keep going. This is something that I do on a regular basis, simply because I know that it is needed, and it is important to recognise that being a supportive role model requires honesty, love, care and support.

It is hard to do something alone, even though people say they are there to help, the fact that everyone is busy can make a person not want to bother someone. Simply because they do not want to be an inconvenience.

Showing my students that they are important, taking the time out for them, researching, bringing conclusions, reviewing what has worked and what has not. Is my role and supportive change of confidence for them to learn it is okay and better to ask for help, rather than suffer in silence.

They are the future generations.

Teaching and learning comes from both sides. Each time a lesson is being conducted we are learning more about each others perspectives, and understanding new ways of thinking differently. Materials, resources and anything else that is added is person-centred, so that all things which are difficult, are achieved with the correct information and useful tools needed to enhance English learning growth. Through change and supportive mannerisms students grow to know that somebody believes in them, and encourages them strive to greatness.

For me, the rewarding points is to be remembered as the mentor that helped, students understand that is okay to have a different perspective that makes students stand out from the crowd, use the skills and be a role model to the next generations, and in their future workplace.