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Are You Pupil or Prep?

Which is your child?

  • Pupils: follow a curriculum provided by Teacher Colette

  • Prep: - Action plan and advancing students on their own school, reading or homework provided by parents with Teacher Colette expertise.

Class: Einsteins

Study package rate is €60 a month

1-1 sessions

This package includes:

  • (x8) 25 minute sessions (two sessions a week)

  • Evaluation Reports (weekly)

  • Virtual classroom

  • Games

  • Homework (every week)

  • Sv MeetUps

  • Sv Appraisal (every week)

  • Assessment Reports (every week)


March 2021

I want to study with you tomorrow


April 2021

I really liked her, absolutely my favorite teacher. I say take lessons from her without thinking

Seiji Yamashita

May 2021

Thank you very much Miss Colette. Your are very kindly tutor. I'd like to learn next exercise. best


Saudi Arabia

June 2021

She is soo sweet I hope that we can have a class later