Policies and Procedures

Complaints Policy

SoundVocab takes all complaints seriously and makes every effort to resolve the matter quickly.

It may be the case that the provision or clarification of information will resolve the issue.

The complainant should raise the complaint as soon as possible with Teacher Colette, using the complaints form below.

I acknowledge all complaints within 24 hours, and upon investigation I will provide a response within this time-frame.

The investigation or update (of the complaint) will involve email communication, unless the parent requests to virtual communicate .

Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy regarding the monthly learning schedule goes as follows:

Both parties ( Parent & Teacher) can cancel a lesson 24 hours before the lesson, and it will be rescheduled for another time suitable for both parties.

If a parent wants to cancel for any reason, the student will complete the rest of the paid for month and then sadly we will say our goodbye's and wish them all the best.

Privacy Policy

Any photographs and videos taken by parents/carers during any interactive learning , for any personal use are not covered by data protection legislation.

I, (Teacher Colette) is requesting that photos or videos with other pupils or Teacher Colette are not shared publicly on social media for safeguarding reasons, unless all the relevant parents/carers/etc and the teacher have agreed to this..

I will not accompany any personal information about the child (except their first name or initials e.g: M.D for their praise book), or distribute them to a third party.