Ethos & Vision


SoundVocab provides a world class learning community, that inspires whole child development in vocabulary and fluency for preparation in their growing lives.

I have set out the vision based on the following principles of learning:

  • Learning First: the learning framework analyses the students learning, based on observations, homework and assessments and from these criteria's, I guide the children in the right direction, of their pace and understanding of their individual learning path.

  • My goal is to define pupil “ability” and aim to remove any other form of barrier to my students learning.

  • I focus on my students needs, and what kind of person they want to develop into.

  • I created a core program that is a starting point to help them to identify their vision, strengthens, weakness and enrich it accordingly.

  • I make it clear to the students about what they are aiming for in the workshops, and demonstrate how their proactive approach to learning will help them to achieve their goals.

  • I support my students to be confident, and ensure them that they can trust me to help them in their approach on their learning journey.

  • The pastoral support goes hand in hand with my teaching style, and in partnership with parent-teacher communication as a whole.

  • I give consistency in all workshops, homework and assessments as it further helps my student to be rewarded and praised for their efforts at SoundVocab.

Vision Statement

The SoundVocab community will create opportunities for all children, and parents in respect to an excellent standard of nurturing, understanding and support towards fluency in Reading, Writing and Speaking English.

My learning environment offers and develops children in empathy, intellect and assertiveness and ensures that their hard work and efforts are recognised.