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Whether it is school, middle school, high school, university, beginning a new career or just using English for travel or for other communication needs. English is a growing globally for this reason, let's discuss my ways to help you learn at your pace, but quick enough to build confidence, good pronunciation skills and boost for your self-esteem in order to be ready for using English in the world that awaits you.

Observation and understanding is where you are right now in regards to learning English. You know now why you need English, and now we can specifically create your learning journey and move forward towards your desired goal in speaking English fluently. 

I have learnt that connecting culture with English, has helped me to realise, that I will never know what it is like to need English for work or travel, because I have it already. Therefore it is my duty to understand my students cultural background, news and changes that are happening around them so that I can help to create English for their use proactively and regularly.

My current students are role models of English in their communities, at work, whether inside or outside of their country. This is important, because understanding that 'everything starts at home,' was how you learned your native language, and also this applies to English as well.  Not only does this help you be more confident in speaking, discussing and describing everyday things. But, you start building confidence first at home in your safe space to be expressive, and move to your community, country then gradually into the world.

Lesson plan structure

Picture English

My research journey with my students from Asia, has been a fantastic journey to learn how to make English speaking less stressful on the mind and more proactive, and personal in expressing themselves.

The methodology that I have created helps you to see things from a different perspective, and understand a simple way of  processing and being confident to speak. When testing this method, it became a highly requested speaking practice and lesson based on how an individual should think and process English.

My students truly understand the connection between English, and the need to use creativity and imagination. This can be unnoticeable when going through a rigid routine for sometime, but as a fundamental skill for your growth and critical thinking, we will "find your paintbrush that you left in the classroom" and reconnect you to an easy and culturally friendly process observed, tested and successful root stem of English linguistics connections with your culture.

What is the studies incentive?

Well, it all depends on what you want from English, the studies teaches: 

There are many other things that are personal to you and your needs, that you may want and need to work on. This course is an effective leaning journey and process to help and develop you for confidence in English speaking. 

Develop confidence in your self- esteem.

Become adaptable and support others.

Being confident as a role model

Communicate effectively in all circumstances.