A+A+A Program

This is the learning framework that builds the workshops that produces the A+A+A learning program.


Achievement for students enables them to be able to express themselves in the English Language, in preparation with their learnt vocabulary for life skills.

This will help them to be understood, and able to interact with different cultures of people as a global citizen.

Life- long skills are achieved by:

  • Reading, Writing, Speaking and listening.

  • Supporting students to become independent and confident when speaking English, helps them to be able to have a variety of opportunities in their lives .

  • Authentic methods are good for understanding vocabulary, it helps to assess real life experiences and is useful and crucial to learning.

  • It is important for the students to understand how to communicate and be effective in the world around them.

  • Student's gain uplifting self-esteem, which is supported to gain independence when checking and observing their own work independently.


Assertiveness for the students is for them to be aware, open and able to:

  • Learn and understand daily life vocabulary and sentences, whilst communicating their opinions in the English Language.

  • Encouraging students as they grow to build a perception of dignity, and understanding about a diversity of people and environments, whilst forming discussions about them in English.

  • Reflecting critically and creatively when Reading, Writing, Speaking and listening.

  • Allowing the student to be creatively expressive in their learning.

  • Teaching them how to be Open-minded and analytical in their approach to research.

  • Generating observations for the student to understand from their strengths and weaknesses how to achieve goals and increase self-esteem.

  • Adjusting to cognitively processing through diverse learning, English vocabulary and sentence structures. Which integrates language skills.

  • Enabling the child to have good listening and communication skills, for them to perform and deliver in educational, social and future surroundings.


Our Awesome adventure starts with student-teacher relationship building, and as the student grows in the SoundVocab community there will be:

Fun in Education

Inspiration for students

Valuing Individualism

Creative Learning Ideals

Facilitating Guidance

Teacher Colette