1. What are the benefits of learning with SoundVocab?

SoundVocab is an online special English teaching and mentoring program which is optimised for children in Grade 6 and 7. Learning with me gives your child the opportunity to:

  • Mentoring and teaching from British Native English Teacher

  • Provide transitional English vocabulary in current related scenarios for students.

  • Learn about themselves, and how to be open-minded and effective in using English.

  • Use the vocabulary, in reflective creative writing, group collaboration and 1-1 mentoring.

2. What is your teaching style?

I am a fun, bubbly, creative learning mentor. I always observe my students level of English weekly, and create improvement techniques, to help uplift students abilities of speaking to a high level. Therefore. I work with them at their own pace and at a level that they can understand, learn, compare and contrast with their class mates. I also have a Parent Partnership to help parents to understand how we can work together for the benefit of their child.

3. How can my child connect to the lessons?

Each student is to attend the classes promptly, on the date of their session on the calendar via the google meet link in the teachers desk section. A computer with internet connection, with a camera and microphone is sufficient. For more information please read about the application used, which is called Google Meet. Here also is a video demonstrating the usage process. (Google Meet)

4. Is this platform a safe place for my student to learn in?

Yes, this is a safe environment, please refer to my Equality, Data Protection, Policies and Procedures for more in details.

5. Do the students get any homework?

Yes. The homework is assigned in the classroom area in the student's praise book.

6. How often do parents receive feedback?

Parents can read their child's progress reports every Saturday Morning in the teachers desk section.

7. Is there a trial lesson?

Yes, every potential regular student receives a free trial lesson, where you can get to know me and SoundVocab without obligation. After the lesson, I will send you will receive more information via email, about how to continue with the platform.

8. How can my child start this program?

If the student is new to this platform, please complete the free trial session form, regular parents book a lesson in the admissions section.

9. How do I pay for the program?

On the website in the admissions section.

10.How do I book lessons?

There is a calendar in the admissions.

11. How do I cancel?

Please read the cancellation policy in the Key information section; under the tab listed as 'policies and procedures' for more information

12. If I have a problem, how do I contact you?

You can contact me via email, Line or KakaoTalk. However, if it is a complaint. Please follow the complaints guidelines in the 'policies and procedures section', so this can be quickly and accurately managed.